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  1. Signs of Life


Breaking earth
Sounds violent but it's a job
Usually we build the pipes under the ground
Bring the life in and we bring it out

Oh, but today we're looking for something strange
Uncover the earth looking for signs of life

They say desperate women came
Women with a secret they couldn't let loose
Women at the end of a burning noose

This is where they ended the problem
This is where they closed the book
Concrete underground unmarked graves
This where they threw the book into the flames

Then someone said too much
Said they were destroying something sacred
They sent the law, they sent detectives

But don't you know that sacred is relative

Hey there, little one
Seventy years is too long to go without love
Hope it wasn't too cold down there

They sent us here looking for signs of life
We break the earth looking for signs of life