Akron-based weird-rock, experimental, alternative, and singer-songwriter band.

CoSW emphasizes storytelling in their songwriting. The bandmembers' diverse backgrounds shape their eclectic music, conducting experiments in pop & soul through a rock-operatic lens, sometimes shining trance-inducing projections, always delivering a theatrical ceremony. They sing songs of life, death, sex, murder, love, hate, and the Chaos that crawls between.



John Dayo-Aliya (as Topaz) 
Kurt Brown (as Maxx Welles) 
Amy Heisei (as Arcana Smyth) 
Vince Tyree (as Dez Troyer)


Natalie Grace Martin (as Allie Basher) 
Taylor McIntosh (as Nuclear Warhead Adderly)

 Adam Grindler
Ian Cummins
Jeffrey Vita